Here's a guide that hopefully will help you find everything you need to know regarding tagging incomings, no matter how large, at once.

Before reading on, ensure you have completed the following checklist:

  • Download Opera
  • Set up a Sort Script in your Quickbar
  • Set up a Tagger Script in your Q...
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Most of the people who have played with me and tried to take me down know that I am a strong defender. I wouldn't say I'm great. I would say I am an aggressive conservative. I try to conserve troop losses so that I can take the fight back to the attacker. This is how I approach defending (roughly...

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A brief look at rams

Training time = (4800 seconds)/(world speed) * 2/3 * 1.06^(-(workshop level))

Rams attack the general defense, with a whopping 2 points. As exciting as it may be to impale someone with a giant log, it’s a rather difficult feat to pull off. Ever tried it? …Definitely not easy, e...

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