Here's a guide that hopefully will help you find everything you need to know regarding tagging incomings, no matter how large, at once.

Before reading on, ensure you have completed the following checklist:

  • Download Opera
  • Set up a Sort Script in your Quickbar
  • Set up a Tagger Script in your Q...
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Introduction— READ THIS FIRST
This is not a traditional “guide”. It discusses three primary topics and the various aspects of them. It is very long, so I’d suggest just reading the parts that interest you. Most of my experience comes from my time in the original TW tribe of World 1 (The before an...

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Academy sharing: Nobling villages with academy 3 from a tribe mate, then producing nobles, then giving the villages back.

Autofire mouse: Mouse that is used to send fast trains - often argued as cheating.

Cross defending: When two players put their defence in the other ones village. This means ...

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Backtime: An in-game technique in which Player A works out when Player B’s troops will return to Player B’s village after an attack. An attack is then arranged to hit Player B’s troops the instant they get back into the village. Typically this is conducted between two players - one player attacks...

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