Academy sharing: Nobling villages with academy 3 from a tribe mate, then producing nobles, then giving the villages back.

Autofire mouse: Mouse that is used to send fast trains - often argued as cheating.

Cross defending: When two players put their defence in the other ones village. This means when one is attacked he can just pull his defence back, even if the other player is offline.

Cross Sniping: Two villages do not snipe their own attacks but the attacks of the other one.

Cupping (AKA Prenobling): Nobling yourself in order to raise the loyalty back to 25 after 4 unsuccessful noble hits, or nobling yourself in order to make multiple attackers hit themselves with their nuke/nobles.

Morale sacrifice: Allowing an enemy to noble a village before attacking him (this village may or may not be one of yours), thus getting a better morale when attacking and clearing him. Afterwards you may take both his old village(s) and his new one.

Offence-defence matching: Automated programs that match increasing ODA and ODD (can also include the delay of ODA, when all troops died) to show who has attacked whom.

Package defending: As people tend to send very limited defence when you let them choose freely how much they should send, this involves announcing a package size of defence in the tribe forum. Every time someone needs defence, everyone has to send packages according to his size (usually one package per 1000 points).

Quarantine: Deleted mails are shown as read, so you need to store unread mails in order to appear offline. These mails are ‘quarantined’.

Target blocking: NAPing with a tribe and then taking all good targets in a specific area, in order to create a wall, which can only be crossed with long range noblings, thereby keeping them out of "your" territory.

Warning call: An internet site that monitors the world data and sends a warning call to your tribe mates if the points in one of your villages go down or if a nearby enemy village looses points or goes inactive - automated external messages are possible, but not allowed any more. Messages to an external forum or to your phone are still allowed.

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