The quick bar version of the grease monkey script Farm Tracker that I developed.  Helps you know which villages you've hit in the past 12 hours and which ones you haven't.  The farms you've hit in the past 12 hours will display a green ring in the middle of the village, the ones you haven't will display a red ring.  If you haven't hit the village at all, it won't display anything.  If you've hit the village before and it has a ring on it, hover your mouse over to view the time since you last hit it.

Running the script anywhere else will not hurt it, its still in the development phase.

Quick Bar Usage:

  • Visit the Reports page and run the script and any consecutive pages you want to cache.
  • Goto your map and run the script again.
javascript:function c(){var a=document;if(window.frames.length>0)a=window.main.document;var b=a.createElement('script');b.type='text/javascript';b.src='';a.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(b);}c();



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