The ability to effectively snipe trains will make or break a player getting op'd in a war.

I'm not a guide writer, so please bear with me while I just talk about what I know.

First of all, if you don't have the W36 attack planner bookmarked or in your quickbar, do it NOW!

With this site, you can basically see the time it takes for any type of troop from any player to get from any other village. We're going to be using it to see how long it takes to get from one of your own villages to another.

But first thing's first. You spotted a noble train incoming! DON'T FREAK. Of course, there are many options to defend it, but here we're just talking about sniping (getting defense to land in between noble attacks).

Sooooooo you see a noble train. All hitting within .5 seconds. Scary? nah.

Go to the Attack Planner!

  1. Put in the following information
    1. Village - Coordinates of the village with the noble train incoming
    2. Attacking player - YOURSELF! You will be attacking... err... supporting your own village
    3. Arrival Date/Time - The date and time the FIRST noble lands. Click Next
  2. You will now see a list of all your villages. Select all your D villages with a lot of troops and select the slowest unit in the village. If you have cats in your D villages, select that, if not, swords, or maybe you just have SP/HC (select spear). Click next.
  3. What you see here is what time you would need to launch support for it to land EXACTLY at the time you put on the first page. If launch time has passed for any of them, you can go back and select a quicker unit. Say you selected CAT in your SP/HC/CAT village... go back and select spear cause the cats are mostly used for timing in this scenario.

You will actually want to give yourself several chances to do this correctly, so have a couple support villages in mind. Now go back to TW and go to the village you would need to send support from the earliest. Wait for the correct launch time to approach... it may be hours later. it's okay to go grab a snack :)

"But still, landing support between a .5 sec train is hard!" That's why we're going to send a TRAIN of support. 4 supports with 25% D in each one. By now, you should know how to send a train. If not, it's okay. Read a guide or ask me.

You have to account for lag. Usually about 1-2 seconds. Try launching the support train 1 second before the Attack Planner says to send. Then go to the village and see if any of the supports split the train. If not, no big deal. See where it ended up and account for your lag, +/- 1 second. Cancel all support sent. Then we go to the next village from the attack planner and try again there.

After a few attempts from a few villages, you will see a support landing in between 2 nobles! You have a quarter D landing right before a noble with maybe a 100 axe escort. Your village should be safe! 1 or two nobles might hit, but your attacker likely won't have nobles close by AND might think twice about attacking such a talented player!


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