BP (Beginner Protection ):The first few days after a player joins a world, during which no one can attack them. The length of BP time varies from world to world.

COA: Coat of Arms. See common/general terms.

D: Defence. See beginner terms.

FTW: For the win. Used to express great approval. I.e. ...

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24/7 Account: An account that is played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ordinarily done through multiple players logging into the one account.

7*7: The territory immediately surrounding one’s own village. This territory spans 7 tiny squares x 7 tiny squares. 7*7 is the usual map available to no...

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150ms rule: No 4 attacks from the same village may be sent within a 150 millisecond time frame.

Abandoneds: Villages that were once owned by players, who have either quit or restarted.

Account check: Carried out by tribe leaders periodically, this involves account sitting a player in order to s...

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